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Change Public Perception by Exposing What’s REALLY Happening. Change State Laws to Protect Innocent Men.


United States v. Emmert, 829 F.2d 805, 812-13 (9th Cir. 1987) (“Law enforcement conduct becomes constitutionally unacceptable where government agents engineer and direct the criminal enterprise from start to finish … Generation of new crimes merely for the sake of pressing criminal charges against the defendant” is also also” outrageous government conduct,” especially where “the government essentially manufactured the crime.” 

Why We Are doing this

We have been unable to find active groups currently attempting to shed light on illegal “proactive” sex stings. Families caught in these have nowhere to turn. Law Enforcement know that and use it to create vulnerability in their victims, leading to higher plea rates and longer jail sentences. We are doing this because someone has to fill this void.

SURVEY: If you have been impacted by a sting operation, please complete our C.A.G.E. Sting Operation Survey

STING MAP: We are collecting Sting information about each state. They will go LIVE when available. If you have any information please share with us and we will included it under the appropriate state. Those with Federal Cases can click on our Federal Case Page.

we will assist you in any Way we can

You’re here because you need information, understanding, legal reference, a chance to help change the laws.

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