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How we started

CAGE is a group of Family Member advocates

C.A.G.E. started as a foundation of three families. All three families were blessed with sons. At the time of their entrapment, all three family’s son were 20 years old. All three were caught in the state of Washington. Two of the three were caught in the exact same sting. We all searched frantically, at any cost, to save our sons from the police overreach which was trying to use our sons for monetary gain. Yet there was no information available online. No group to reach out to. No one collecting information and data. No one approaching legislators to change the laws.

One family forced the police to produce the ICAC manuals – the first in the state of WA. Another family started digging into the statistics of what was really happening. The third family went public – as loud as they could – to shed light on how this could even be legal, let alone condoned, in the United States.

This three tiered approach is the reason we are making headway. It’s also the reason no one single family could be productive against these stings – there is too much depth and corruption involved to uncover!

This is OUR story. These are OUR sons. 

If you are in the same boat, and need to help your loved one caught in a trap – JOIN US.



We have to work with our legislators, that is the only way to change the state laws being used against our loved ones. As we change one states laws, other states in that federal district follow suit. 


Evidence based statistics

Legistature changes requires FACTS. Without facts we all sound paranoid, emotional, a ‘one off’ of a system that is basically working. It’s NOT.


Public Awareness

The other thing that changes laws are votes! People vote on issues based on what they are told. People tell legislators what bills to make into laws. Change public perception, change the LAW!

Scathing disagreement from United States Court of Appeals, 9th circuit judge John Noonan on United States V. black 2014

“Today, our court gives our approval to the government tempting persons in the population at large currently engaged in innocent activity and leading them into the commission of a serious crime, which the government will then prosecute.” (Dissent)

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol