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Police are very skilled at making this look very real to the general public. Even Dr. Phil fell for it.

The truth is that these sex sting operations are promoting and encouraging the sexual abuse of children. They are not saving or protecting children from predators online, as those who have conducted these fake child predator sting operations have shamelessly been lying about.

Police and vigilante groups who are pretending to be saving and protecting children from online predators are FORCING the idea of sex with children on random adult men online who were clearly NOT looking for children. This is being done for no valid or logical reason. They are doing it for self serving purposes: 

The number one reason police do this is TO MAKE A PROFIT 

Other reasons include: For entertainment purposes, To feed their own egos (make themselves look like the heroes they are not), and To play out their own fantasies about teens and young virgins throwing themselves at adult men. 

PLAYING ALONG WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S SEXUAL FANTASY (in an appropriate place to express sexual fantasies) SHOULD NOT BE ILLEGAL. So many men have been mislabeled as dangerous child predators for playing along with the decoys who forced their own sexual fantasies about having sex with minors on those men. In most cases, the men were not given a choice to not make the conversation about sex with a minor. The decoys forced the men into talking about having sex with a minor, for no real purpose, other than to serve themselves. Many men who do not give in right away (play along with them) will continue to be harassed by the decoys until they give in. That behavior is very disturbing and should be made illegal.


The situations police create in these sex stings are not based on reality. (They create situations that would be extremely rare if they were to happen in real life)

There are no real minors seeking casual sex relationships with adults they can find on adult dating/hookup websites or apps, which is where most of these sex sting operations are conducted on. There is no reason for police to pose as an adult looking for men for sexual purposes, then, once they’ve hooked a man, switch to pretending to be a minor who is looking for men to engage in sexual conversations and to invite them to meet for sex. (Yes, this is what is done in these sex sting operations)

There are no real parents or adults seeking and requesting from random adult strangers online to come teach sex to their minor children or minor siblings. You would not believe the disgusting suggestive comments some of these pretend heroes are making about minors. They are forcing their own thoughts and fantasies about children/minors on other men. Strangely, no one seems to be worried about them or whether they might have acted out on these fantasies that they are forcing on others. 

Real minors don’t create adult dating/hookup profiles or post ads on adult hookup platforms as adults then tell complete strangers they just met on there that they are a minor. Real minors in adult places claim to be adults and try to act like adults do in those places, to fit in. Real minors are also not likely to push sex on random adult male strangers they just met online and certainly not demand sex or demand sexual talk from those strangers.  

Police are NOT rescuing any minors from any adult dating/hookup platforms or any other social media platform, even though they claim it could have been a real minor in the situations they create in these sex sting operations. There are no minors rescued from these places during any of these online sex sting operations that are supposedly saving and protecting children from sexual abuse. 

The “child predator” sting operations police conduct on adult content platforms have absolutely NOTHING to do with trying to save or protect children/minors from online predators. That is simply a BIG LIE. 


There are real minors being targeted by real predators on social media websites and apps that real minors use, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, GroupMe, Houseparty, and other similar social media platforms. 

Real minors in adult places lie about their age. They don’t tell random strangers they meet in those places that they are a minor, and they certainly do not demand sex from random strangers they meet anywhere, the way it is done in these sex sting operations. 

There are real minors being sex trafficked, and there may very well be sex trafficking of minors on adult websites. However, there is no such thing as a pimp offering up their minor victims to random adult strangers, on adult websites, in exchange for nothing in return (no payment). It doesn’t exist.

There is no logical explanation for police to be posing as someone offering victims to be victimized by random adult strangers, because it’s not something that happens in real life. Predators don’t sit around waiting for victims to be offered to them. Predators actively seek their victims.

Those running these online sex sting operations are promoting and encouraging the sexual abuse of children for self serving purposes. It’s a scam. They are doing this TO MAKE A PROFIT. 

* The thoughts about sex with minors/children are coming from the decoys, NOT from the men trapped in the sting operations. These thoughts are being forced on the men. The decoys then pretend like the thoughts about sex with children came from the men they supposedly caught. 

* There are so many lies and cover ups in these cases. Police will purposely delete certain messages (typically disgusting sexual suggestions they’ve made about minors or comments they’ve made sexualizing minors by pretending to be a minor who is desperate for sex with random strangers).


It’s about how good of a show the prosecutors can put on for the jury and judge. The focus is on eliciting emotional responses, highlighting those things that can be used for this. More often than not, prosecutors will keep any important facts hidden that may hurt their chances of winning their case. It’s not about truth, justice, or protecting anybody. It’s just about winning. And even after they are caught, they very rarely admit to having done anything wrong. Those prosecutors are enabling the bad behavior of the police officers who are victimizing men with this scam, to use those men to make a profit off of them. By  definition, what they are doing is in actuality a form of real human trafficking. 


Why are police posing as minors or caretakers of minors who are looking for random adult strangers to ask them to come rape them (teach them sex), if this is not something that has ever happened in real life?

Why is it ok for police to promote and encourage the sexual abuse of children by forcing thoughts about this on men who were clearly not looking for minors to engage online?


Police:  We are saving all the children who are going on adult dating/hookup platforms looking for random adult strangers to ask them to come rape them, and we are saving all the children whose parents or older siblings are looking for random adult strangers in these places to ask them to come rape the children.

Public: You guys are heroes!! Keep doing it!



Kay Buck, an expert on human trafficking provided a clear definition of human trafficking on an episode of Dr. Phil’s podcast, “One human being exploiting another in order to make a profit.” This definition fits perfectly what police and prosecutors have been doing with these sting operations. They have been exploiting vulnerable men in vulnerable places in order to trap them to use for this scam they are running. Simply put, they are exploiting men’s vulnerabilities in order to use them to make a profit. And then they turn around and lie to everybody about it. This form of human trafficking that is not yet acknowledged for what it is, not only exploits the direct victims, it also exploits the public’s ignorance and true fears of child predators in order to make this scam work. 

Check out a Youtube channel for more information about how this really sick, twisted scam works: ICAC Unpacked



NARSOL envisions a society free from public shaming, dehumanizing registries, discrimination, and unconstitutional laws.

Florida Action Committee (FAC) intends to educate the media, public, and legislators with facts versus myths about people required to register as sex offenders. FAC works to reform the sex offense laws and registry in Florida.

FAC is against the online sting used to entrap and imprison men. Most don’t realize how outrageous or widespread these operations have become. We, along with FAC, are doing our best to educate the public and bring awareness.

Advocates for Change encourages and promotes educated, positive and judicious changes which benefit our community and society. AFC assists, informs, and educates, those constrained within the justice system, affected families, communities, the legal system, the legislature and others.

We strive to educate and raise awareness about the ineffectiveness of the public sex offender registry and the negative impact it has on community safety.
We envision effective, fact-based sexual offense laws and policies that promote public safety, safeguard civil liberties, honor human dignity, and offer holistic prevention, healing and restoration.  Because denying any group of citizens their civil, constitutional or human rights threatens the liberties of us all.
The vision of this organization is to abolish the multiple Sex Offender Registries across this nation. Women Against Registry also seeks to restore Life, Health and Freedom to all individuals who have been injured by the requirements of registration, especially innocent family members.

Through advocacy, Washington Voices restores the health, hope, and dignity of those experiencing the ongoing consequences of a sexual offense.

A volunteer, non-profit organization composed of Oregonians committed to justice and reason in laws relating to sex crimes. We are fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, grandparents — members of families that contain victims of sexual abuse as well as those who have committed sexual offenses.

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) is dedicated to protecting the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of registrants and their families. In order to achieve that objective, ACSOL will educate and litigate as well as support or oppose legislation.

Just Future Project is a new initiative focused on challenging pre-crime preventative detention laws. We are a people-driven grassroots advocacy campaign dedicated to building a movement of community members demanding an end to indefinite detention regimes. Our vision for a just future:  1. Abolish pre-crime preventative detention laws, 2. Free our friends and loved ones from dehumanizing labels, 3. Realign our justice system with the values of restoration and reintegration.

Sex Offender One Stop Resource is a resource website for registered citizens. Includes a direct link to companies that have hired felons and sex offenders. Also check out this SO Job Search Guide.