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We are the real victims of police sex stings. We are those arrested, family members, friends, communities, victim advocates, and those whose actual crimes are not being worked. We believe that police work done solely for self serving incentives is not real police work and morally, ethically, wrong. We have a LOT of information on the who, what, why, when, and hows of these stings and are here to spread the word, support those falsely accused, and petition the legislation for relief from the infringement of all of our civil rights.

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Our members have been through this from the online trap itself, to parole and lifetime registration. We are here to support you and assist you with our personal knowledge of the process. We are NOT lawyers and do not offer specific legal advice.

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We are an advocacy group looking to end police stings which are tied to monetary incentives. If you or your organization is in line with ours please reach out to us to combine our efforts in correcting public perceptions, the financial burdens to the tax payers, the laws that shape them and most importantly the lives of those that have been affected.