It happened to us;  we want to create awareness so it doesn’t happen to you


Creating a Criminal

Did you Know?

Under the false narrative of protecting our children, our local government creates criminals where there were none before.

Our sons, nephews, grandsons and friends are simply going online to meet adults for companionship.

What they don’t know is that behind the curtain of the internet is an adult police officer who sends pictures of an adult, and at some point, mentions they are a minor.

The police officer uses any and all tactics to entrap the person in a thought crime.  The courts then hand out a 5 to 10 year prison sentence and life on the sex offender registry.  The government praise the police for saving a child where there was never a child involved.

Unbelievable Tactics

The Sting

True or False..

Proactive sex stings only target those looking for children.


Proactive sex stings are not allowed to re-engage when a target stops communicating.


Proactive sex stings thoroughly investigate for corroborating evidence to ensure they trap only child predators, before ruining men's lives.


Proactive sex stings always look for other victims so that 'no child is left behind'.


Has your young adult child gone on Tinder, MeetMe, or any other site for adults 18 or older?  If so you need to be aware of the dangers behind the profiles, and we don’t mean other citizens, we mean law enforcement.

According to their website, “The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program (ICAC) is a National network of 61 coordinated task forces representing more than 4,500 federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies.  These agencies are engaged in both proactive and reactive investigations, forensic examinations, and criminal prosecutions.  By helping state and local agencies develop effective, sustainable responses to online child victimization- including responses to child sexual abuse images.  The ICAC Program has increased law enforcement’s capacity to combat technology facilitated crimes against children at every level.” We agree that children targeted for any kind of abuse should be protected.  But there is zero evidence that potential abusers go to adult sites looking for children.  Nor are there any convictions involving an actual child in this category.  Is it reasonable that 25 (and more) men are arrested in one sting looking for children on an adult dating site?  In each case involving these so called ‘stings’ the OFFICERS are the ones that bring up the children.  

There is, however, scientific evidence that cases involving a minor have the lowest recidivism rate wherein more than 90 percent of children victimized knew or were related to their abuser.

How do they do this?

A group of federal and local officers coordinate to go onto one of these sites, create a fake profile with an image and age of an older female officer.  Once a conversation is started they groom their victim by appealing to his interests.  They talk about gaming or sports as if that’s her interests too.  Neither the photo, the listed age, nor the manner of speaking indicates they’re conversing with a minor child.  There again, if they were actually looking for children why would they continue with this type of conversation?  There is also a ‘trap house’ set up to convince the person to come to.  This can be a park or a home with officers waiting to arrest them.  By their own rules officers aren’t allowed to re-engage in a conversation, but in some cases they even call and repeatedly call the individual on his cell phone.  From start to finish the unsuspecting victim is being lied to by those sworn to protect the community.

Why do they do this?

It takes manpower, overtime hours and resources to “create” these false scenarios.  This federally funded program pays them for every sting and arrest.  It brings in a substantial profit as well as prestige.  Law abiding men’s lives are disregarded, their faces are plastered on the news with highly inflammatory words like “dangerous, pedophile, sex offender, rape, sodomy”, etc.  Their reputations are ruined and they are labeled felons and sex offenders for the rest of their lives.  Meanwhile, the officers are praised for their accomplishments in “saving children”, and there never were ANY children.

Money, manpower, and time are being invested where there are no children and no real victims.

What happens next?

These men are charged with multiple crimes with prison terms ranging from 1 year to lifetime imprisonment for a crime wholly fabricated by a task force claiming to “save children”.  Families lives are forever changed.  Homes are mortgaged to pay for legal costs.  There is no one to turn to for help.  Victims pass polygraphs and psycho-sexual evaluations, but they don’t even consider using that.  There’s no evidence of interest on any of their media but that’s not even investigated.  There’s proven scientific evidence that a brain isn’t fully developed until the age of 25 but that’s not considered relevant.  There’s overwhelming family and community support of their good character and life.  But all that matters are the cops and their lies and their trickery.  In some cases as well they read them their maranda rights but then later as they’re being booked they tell them they need to write an apology letter to the victim and victim’s family (WHO DON’T EXIST).  This letter is then used against them as their “signed confession”.  Many of these cases from time of arrest to sentencing only take three months.  Others are drawn out over years putting their lives on hold indefinitely.  With the threat of a prison sentence of 15 years to life you’re forced to accept a plea deal rather than risk a trial that could become a lifetime sentence.  Once convicted with a plea deal you don’t have a chance to appeal. The system is fully stacked to prevent the average citizen from defending themselves, thus caging them into a no win situation.

In the town of Salem, now known as Danvers, Massachusetts, the Governor ordered a court session to hear evidence of “witchcraft”.  In one year many were found guilty, 19 were hanged, many imprisoned, five died in custody.  Those accused were forced to defend themselves.  The trials stopped when the Governors own wife was accused.  In New England women were accused of adultery and placed in stocks, in the center of town, with a big letter A affixed to their backs.  Today we have a group of “criminal offenders” being treated much like the witchcraft defendants and adulterers.  They are accused, convicted and imprisoned having not had any sexual contact or relations with a minor child.  In fact there never were any involved or in danger.  They’re arrested and charged with crimes and sentences worse than some actual violent criminals.  The real danger is to our men and young men who are being targeted for what they ‘might’ do.  Who is protecting them?

“Entrapment occurs only when the criminal conduct was ‘the product of the creative activity’ of law enforcement officials.” – Sherman v. United States, 356 U.S. 36

The Sex Offender Registry

Registry rules are state specific so educate yourself on the registry requirements for your location.  Failure to register is a felony in some jurisdictions so be certain to register/re-register in the required time frame.  When traveling outside of your jurisdiction, abide by the registry requirements in the location you are visiting.  The information given below gives some general restrictions that may or may not apply depending on local regulations and whether a person has probation/parole restrictions.

1.  You cannot visit your children, or your younger siblings, at a licensed day care center, a public swimming pool, a primary or secondary school, a community playground, or public park.

2.  You are required to register your address with your local jurisdiction and to notify them immediately of any change of address and they must give you prior approval of where you can live.

3.  You need prior written approval of your local jurisdiction / parole officer to reside at your home if there are any children living there, under the age of 18.

4.  If you are single, you cannot date another person who has minor children, without permission.

5.  You need prior written approval to attend any park, arcade, family function, holiday festivities or similar function.

6.  Your employment and any change of employment must be approved, in advance.

7.  You must agree to appear at any time and submit to random polygraph examinations regarding any and all of the above and anything else they wish to question you about.

8.  There are many travel restrictions within the US and traveling out of the country.

All of these controls are imposed upon this class of criminal defendants, and not on those convicted of murder, attempted murder, criminal assault, armed robbery, rape or any other felony.  Some cannot return home because they have minor children or grandchildren living in the home or visiting frequently.  Many are young men that cannot date a woman with minor children.  They can’t go swimming, attend a picnic at the park, visit a primary education facility, or look for work in the normal way.  They can’t vote. In one state a group of ex-convicts live together under a bridge without access to electronics or a means to support themselves.