One Bite of the Elephant at a Time – 11-Dec-2020 – Two parents (who helped found CAGE) struggle to support their 20 year old son after he’s accused of something terrible. But are the authorities in the wrong here? They turn to Amanda Knox and Chris Robinson for guidance. Check out the Labyrinths Podcast homepage. Below is a clip from the podcast by retired FBI Agent Steve Moore talking about Net Nanny casting a wide net.


Internet Sex Stings – 7-Jan-2021 – Women Who Rock with Success (WWRS) Investigates podcast discusses Internet Sex Stings. Dan, from C.A.G.E. and Kathryn, a special victims prosecutor out of Maryland, discuss both sides of this controversial topic. You can listen to the live recording of the broadcast or read the transcript.

You can also find more details about these Stings from Dan’s notes used for this broadcast.

The Truth About Sting Operations – 7-Jan-2021 – A Florida Action Committee Monthly Membership Call focusing on Internet Sex Sting Operations. Guests: Kathleen and Aracely of C.A.G.E. (,  and Peter Aiken, Criminal Defense Attorney. Peter has defended many of those arrested as a result of these stings in Florida. He provides an excellent overview of what is going on during the first 30 minutes of this call.

RM203: Police Proactive Sex Stings – 21-Nov-2021 – Registry Matters Podcast, RM203. This podcast features CAGE’s co-founder Kathleen Hambrick discussing the Police Proactive [child] sex stings. Forward to 14:30 if you just want to listen to the interview. A transcript of the Podcast can also be downloaded.

RM224: Defendant in Police Sex Sting Entitled to New Trial w Kathleen Hambrick – 9-May-2022 – Registry Matters Podcast, RM224. This podcast invited Kathleen from Citizens Against Government Entrap (CAGE) to talk about an entrapment case out of Washington. A man named Argobast will receive a new trial affording him the opportunity to argue entrapment. A transcript of the Podcast can also be downloaded.

RM252: When Is Entrapment Not Entrapment? – 23-January-2023 – Registry Matters Podcast, RM252. This podcast invited Aracely from Citizens Against Government Entrapment (CAGE) to talk about entrapment and sting cases. This podcast takes a deep dive into online stings where police officers pose as teens in adult chat rooms.

RM261: Police Stings–Preying on Human Emotions Works – 3-April-2023 – Registry Matters Podcast, RM261. This podcast picks up where the last one left off in the continued discussion of Stings, Entrapment, and these online stings enticing men to solicit minors. Members from Citizens Against Government Entrapment (CAGE) discuss details with Larry. You can jump head to minute 27 if you want to hear the discussion.

RM281: Beyond the Headlines: Debunking the ‘Caught Seeking Minors’ Narrative – 30-Octl-2023 – Registry Matters Podcast, RM281. This podcast talks about Jace’s trial and shows some video clips. We look forward to more acquittals down the road for others and dismantling of these entrapment stings.


I.C.A.C. – UNPACKED! (2023+) – Norm, a C.A.G.E. member, has his own You Tube channel talking about his sting arrest and Internet Sex Stings in general. If you or your family member has gotten caught up in any sex sting operation Norm’s video will guide you through the process. Norm, and other C.A.G.E. members, are working on books and other educational materials to help everyone understand what is going on.

Unfortunately, in 2024, we see these stings continuing and getting more BOLD in the months and years ahead as grants and additional state and federal ICAC funding provide incentives to continue stings on Adult Dating sites to entrap men. Beware!

Sept-2022 – C.A.G.E. presentation to WA State Sex Offender Policy Board Subcommittee

Our 16-page slide deck which was presented to the SOPB Subcommittee on 8-Sept-2022. This video only includes the slides and audio. It does not contain the Q&A portion of the meeting. Use the “POP OUT” option on the video to show as separate scalable video window. The RECOMMENDATIONS made by the SOPB to Legislature in Fall 2022 does include diversion programs.

Here is a PDF and PowerPoint version of our slides.

Oct-2021 – NARSOL Conference in Houston, Texas

Every year NARSOL holds a conference and in 2021 Kathleen (from CAGE) spoke on The Rise of Proactive Police Stings & How to Stop Them.

Persons not ensnared in these stings are mostly unaware of the tactics used by law enforcement and the challenges faced by those they target. Many people find it hard to believe the accused, thinking our government wouldn’t possibly employ such unethical tactics on purpose. In this session, Kathleen also addresses federal funding per arrests and prosecutions and shows how our government profits from these stings.

27-Apr-2021 – Open Mike podcast with Lawyer Mike Morse.

Episode #102 – Entrapment or Miscommunication? How a Consenting Man Found Himself in the Middle of a Sex Sting.

Kathleen tells Mike the story of her son and his entrapment during a police sex sting in WA State. Are these stings “heroic acts of justice” or questionable ethical practices? Those of us involved in C.A.G.E. know the answer, the commenters on Mike’s podcast page don’t. This is why we have to speak out and educate the public about what is going on. These stings are all catching random MEN on Adult Dating Websites through questionable tactics, manipulation, luring and deception. Are these men caught up in the sting Predators or Prey is the better question!

 On 7-Dec-2020, Dr. Phil (Season 19, Episode 60) talks about online police sex stings. Here is the full transcript of the show. And here is a link on you tube to the full episode. We feel Dr. Phil got it wrong in a couple areas: 1) He was unfamiliar with the subject of adults using adult sites to seek casual sex relationships (hookups) with other adults, 2) He got caught up in the hypothetical situation which in reality DOESN’T MATTER, and 3) He became part of the problem by falsely promoting these sex stings as something that provide real benefits to society. Check out the Florida Action Committee website posting about this show for more of a anti-police sting slant than you will find on the YouTube page.

This video is titled: Man Claims Police Set Him Up In Online Sex Sting

On 7-Dec-2020, Dr. Phil (Season 19, Episode 60) talks about online police sex stings.

This video is titled: Man Driven by “Lust” to Contact Minor

On 7-Dec-2020, Dr. Phil (Season 19, Episode 60) talks about online police sex stings.

This video is titled: Man Claims He Was Setup In Online Sex Sting

On 7-Dec-2020, Dr. Phil (Season 19, Episode 60) talks about online police sex stings.

This video is titled: The Bubble Over My Head: If You Are Arrested, Don’t Talk To The Police Here is a transcribed version of the Bubble Over My Head video.

Dr. Phil comes down harsh on these young men and says he is very pro law enforcement. He also notes that “If you find yourself in trouble with the law and get arrested, do not talk to the police until you get an attorney. If you get arrested, shut up! Do not say anything. You can say your name and ‘I want an attorney.’”  He is correct; also check out the book You have the Right to Remain Innocent to reinforce this.

On 7-Dec-2020, Dr. Phil (Season 19, Episode 60) talks about online police sex stings.

This video is titled: Commander Of Online Task Force Protecting Kids Says They Don’t Entrap, Men Believe They’re Meeting A Child

Commander of the Central California Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force  says “People who say we set them up and we’re entrapping them are liars. Plain and simple. … These men are predators.” Incorrect, almost all of these men are NOT predators nor seeing children. What he doesn’t tell you is the police are posting their ads on ADULT dating sites (18+). Through deception, luring, re-engagement and manipulation they are arresting men. Very few are the “predators” they are looking for. It is the police who are the predators here.

On 7-Dec-2020, Dr. Phil (Season 19, Episode 60) talks about online police sex stings.

In this video, which appeared at the end of the show, Peter Aiken, a Sex Sting lawyer in Florida give his perspective on these cases. Some of Peter’s conversation was lost in the edit; Peter also noted that “most of the time these STINGS are not catching predators, perhaps 1 in 10 are predators.” He also used a fishing analogy where police are throwing chum into the water to catch the big sharks but getting a lot of little fish but are not throwing back the little fish. Law enforcement is prosecuting the whole lot. Peter’s conclusion was these men were not predators. Dr. Phil actually agreed. They shouldn’t get a “free pass” but they shouldn’t be punished with lifetime parole and lifetime SOR. [NOTE: This video is self hosted and may have some issues streaming.]

Florida Internet Sex Sting Awareness by Attorney Peter D Aiken. The Truth about Florida Sex Stings (2015).

Peter also has a couple other videos on YouTube. Check out this reporter interview with Peter Aiken done back in 2014.

Police run ILLEGAL stings where they are supposed to be looking for pedophiles. Each prosecution nets the state a lot of money. So instead of following the rules in the contract signed by each police division of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children), they break the rules creating ‘criminals’ out of law abiding citizens.

A “Public Service Announcement” : Think B4 u Click Warning About Child Pornography.

This animation was made and released October 2018. It first made its appearance on the Women Against Registry website. The point here is that it is very easy to get arrested and put on the Registry for life so be careful out there. A LOT of things out there are being monitored or have traceability back to the downloader.

Match, the dating site, created an online dating video with Satan searching for a “Match.” Who is at the other end of your online dating app? It might be a real person, law enforcement or perhaps Satan.

A 37-year old mom goes undercover as an 11-year old girl to expose the dangers facing kids on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Kik. Left unsupervised, young children can be exposed to online predators, grooming, and psychological abuse within minutes. [Note: This is a more realistic and appropriate sting operation rather than posting on Adult Dating and Hookup sites. Police need to be very careful about their approach and overreach.]

Exposing Illegal Investigations in Sex Crime Cases (Stings) with Bonnie Burkhardt. This video was posted on YouTube by AZRSOL. In this video Bonnie talks about the Federal Interception Law. Bonnie’s book Manufacturing Criminals: Fourth Amendment Decay in the Electronic Age details most of what she covers in this video. It would seem many of these stings are in violation of these intercept laws.


Convicted of Sex Crimes, but With No Victims – An August 2020 NY Times Magazine article about Operation Net Nanny out of Washington State.

Fake Victims Lead to Real Arrests in Online Child Sex Stings – December 2022 article from Steven Yoder on the outrageous child sex stings being conducted on Adult dating and hookup sites entrapping many. Federal dollars help to incentivize these “proactive” stings. And unfortunately they are done on platforms most “children” are not inclined to visit.

Catfishing for Convictions – Article by Joseph Snook about how the Police in Florida are bending the entrapment rules (PDF Version).

Policing the Police: Did Sarasota Sheriff go to far on undercover sex sting – A Sept 2019 article by Noah Pransky on a Florida man’s suicide sheds some light on police overreach in these sting operations. (PDF Version)

ICAC Task Force Program – An article written by Ralph Gines; Attorney at Law 53 years and two terms in the Idaho State Legislature.

Rambo Reyes and The Child Sex Slave Rescue Industry – Lynn Packer is a Utah reporter who wrote this in-depth article back in 2015 about Sean Reyes and O.U.R. There is also a nice follow-up article from 2017.

OUR Has a Problem with the Truth (Article #1) – A December 2020 Vice World News article about Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) sheds some light on this anti-trafficking non profit’s shady business. OUR donated $185k to Washington State Patrol to aid their sting operations.

Inside a Massive Anti Trafficking Charity’s Blundering Overseas Missions (Article #2) – A March 2021 Vice World News article which blast Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) and their rescue missions overseas. Very interesting investigation into this sketchy charity organization.

Operation Underground Railroad’s Carefully Crafted Public Image Is Falling Apart (Article #3) – A June 2021 Vice World News article attacking Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) integrity. These writers must be working with ACJ to keep pumping these articles out every 3-4 months. It isn’t long before OUR and its associated organizations collapse under this pressure.

Anti-Trafficking Charity Operation Underground Railroad Has Another Murky Rescue Story (Article #4) – An August 2021 Vice World News article attacking OUR and one of their sex-trafficking rescue stories about saving 10 women. The hammer keeps dropping every few months.

Mormon Church Denounces Tim Ballard’s “Morally Unacceptable” Activities (Article #5+) – A September 2023 Vice World News on OUR’s former leader Tim Ballard. Vice has been watching OUR and Tim Ballard like a hawk over the past three years. This is a pretty damning article to Tim and the OUR organization. It gives insight into Tim’s downfall and why OUR kicked him out. Additional details can be found by watching Lynn Packer’s OUR Report #31.

Details emerge about investigation into Operation Underground Railroad – An October 2021 article from The Herald Journal (HJ News) website. This was done by The Utah Investigative Journalism Project. It, much like the VICE articles above pick apart Operation Underground Railroad and their association with Utah AG Sean Reyes.  There is some very sketchy stuff going on between OUR, ICAC, WSP and the Utah AG. Read the article for more details. It appears the same article was also posted in Standard-Examiner which you can check out here: Claims of Utah group’s involvement in child exploitation investigations under scrutiny.  Everyone should have GREAT concerns about non-profits like this and their shady practices. Research before you donate!

The Great (Fake) Child-Sex-Trafficking Epidemic (aka The Children Are in Danger!) – An article in The Atlantic Jan/Feb 2022 magazine that debunks some of the child human trafficking statistics. Showing it IS NOT an epidemic and organizations like Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) are exploiting it to the fullest extent. Yes, another month goes by and another major article slightly bashing OUR.

LVMPD Human Trafficking Task Force Calls Out O.U.R. on Facebook – From the American Crime Journal website (~ July 2020). They found a great quote by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Human Trafficking Task Force about OUR: Human Trafficking is a money maker for the traffickers, more profitable than selling drugs and guns. Unfortunately, it has also become profitable for some seeking grant money and donations under the guise of providing services to victims. Well said. However this also puts into question the LVMPD Task force too as they are getting grants for all the stings and arrest they are doing. Is this the POT calling the KETTLE BLACK?

Entrapment: Instigation Not Investigation – A 1966 article on Entrapment written by Charles S. McCowan Jr. for the Louisiana Law Review. Just to show everyone Entrapment has been going on a long time with law enforcement. Few involved in these stings are allowed this defense.

New York Lawmakers Demand NYPD Halt Undercover Sex Trade Stings – A Dec 2020 article from ProPublica on the police stings in New York. Apparently there are misconduct allegations including withholding of evidence. [Not much of a surprise to us.]

Restoration of Rights Project – A 50-State Comparison: Relief from Sex Offender Registration Obligations details.

Packingham v. North Carolina – This is a Supreme Court decision that basically says you can’t ban people from the internet no matter what they have done (e.g. convicted sex offender). However, we did make this argument in the State of Washington and they bascially said NO, in fact you can BAN someone from social media. So, in the end, yes you can have your 1st and 14th amendment rights violated though this decision does give some hope just not enough.

Lawsuit: State operation to catch sex offenders entrapped innocent men to boost arrest numbers – An article in The Spokesman-Review newspaper (2-May-2021) on a huge Net Nanny lawsuit. Can we finally put an end to these STING operations?

Stash-House Stings Carry Real Penalties for Fake Crimes – An article in The New Yorker from Oct. 2021 about law enforcement recruiting individuals (usually low level drug users) to raid/rip off a drug stash house. Show up and get arrested, serve long sentences. This is not much different than Sex Stings. Law Enforcement exploits the law and gullible individuals to put people away for a long time. The individual in the article was convicted on all counts in a trial (24 years). Very slim chance of winning. All as a result of a conversation and ruse/setup.

To catch the real predators of online entrapment and illegal searches – Article on NARSOL posted Dec-2021 on sting operations. The federal government is creating a “dollars for collars” type program with ICAC encouraging stings resulting in no more than putting random “so called predators” in prison. Be wary of your rights on-line and when texting or sending e-mail; your privacy is NOT guaranteed.

The Police Officers who Solicit Men on Dating Sites (July 2023) – An “OpEd” style article written for and submitted to a newspaper but was never published. Written by Aracely, a member of CAGE.

An American Legal Scam (July 2023) – An “OpEd” style article written for and submitted to a newspaper but was never published. Written by Aracely, a member of CAGE.

Conspiracy Against Rights, Who Knew? (Sept 2023) – An “OpEd” style article written for and submitted to a newspaper but was never published. Written by Aracely, a member of CAGE.

Acquital of Jace – Trilogy (Oct 2023) – Kathleen (CAGE Co-Founder) and her son Jace have been fighting this Net Nanny Child Sex Sting Operation since his arrest in February 2017 as noted on The Lady Justice Myth Blog. Jace went to trial, was found Guilty during a Bench Trial, served his sentence and later his Appeal overturned the Verdict. It took 3 more years before a trial date was finally set and Jace was found Not Guilty (Sept 2023). A hard won battle.

Police Officers Cannot Violate The Fourth Amendment Law (April 2024) -An article by Bonnie Burkhardt on how these stings often violate a federal statue on intercept of communication (18 U.S. Code § 2511). How men are being entrapped in these sex sting operations illegally. Bonnie is working with congress to help bring about change. The public needs to be informed about what is really going on with these police sex sting operations.



Manufacturing Criminals: Fourth Amendment Decay in the Electronic Age ( Bonnie Burkhardt) – A book released Dec. 2020 on how this country is manufacturing criminals by conducting internet sex stings. Very interesting read which cites several cases where privacy and intercept laws were violated yet the cases were still prosecuted and won. Injustice! Check out this book review on the Criminal Legal News website for more details.