Public Awareness

iCAC, MECTF & WSP are Not policing the platforms children & Teens use

Popular Online Platforms for Children & Teens

Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook & Facebook Messenger, Twitter, just to name a few.

Popular Online Dating Platforms for Adults (18+) used for proactive sex Stings by police

Craigslist Casual Encounters, Kik, Whisper, Tinder, Grinder, Skout, MeetMe, Badoo and OKCupid are just some of the sites ICAC & MECTF stalk for these Stings.

Who is Policing the Online platforms kids use?

First and foremost, we want ALL children protected online from predators.  We can all agree that online child predators are a real    threat in this day and age.  

The troubling question is that if the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) and Missing and Exploited Children Task Force (MECTF) are spending all of their time and resources looking for child predators on Adult Only Dating Sites & Apps then who is policing the platforms that children are actually using?  Our tax dollars fund these government agencies to protect our children and the platforms that they actually use go unprotected.  

Have you noticed that when you hear about these Internet Stings in the media, they never mention capturing men on any of these online platforms popular with children?  That is simply because they are not policing them.  Instead, they go on these Adult Dating Sites & Apps to lure and Catfish unsuspecting singles into a manufactured crime to create these arrests. 

online Dating Education

We believe that in this Digital Era of Online Dating that most single people in the United States are completely unaware that they can be TARGETED on an Adult Only Dating App’s without probable cause.

You may be asking yourself “Why would Law Enforcement look for Child Predators on Adult Only Dating sites?”  While the answer to that question is complex and controversial, the message we have to get into public awareness is that they DO!

ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) and MECTF (Missing and Exploited Children’s Task Force) make dating profiles on Adult Only Dating sites utilizing the photo of an adult female officer.  This completely violates the Terms of Use of all of the Dating Platforms, and they currently get away with it.

Once they begin communicating with men, the highly trained officers commonly initiate the conversation into an explicit sexual nature and immediately begin asking to meet in person.  Once they have peeked their interest and get them to agree to meet, they will then say things like “I have two kids at my house, 11 and 13, is that ok?”  Not insinuating sex with them, just that they are in the house. Or they will send a one line message that says, “I am 13”.  The common ages they use range from 13-17.

Obviously, the right thing to do at that point is to disengage immediately.  Would you believe that most men do and these officers continue to contact them?! In some cases the officers continue to message and stalk them for months after they have disengaged.  They use psychological manipulation tactics to see if they can break them down to re engage, and it’s currently NOT illegal or considered Entrapment.   Parents of young men, this is a conversation you MUST have with your sons.  Please don’t assume they know or would not be gullible enough to get manipulated in these traps. 

The current percentage of men that are caught in these stings that have a predatory history or criminal record is less than 10%.  This means that at least 90% are not child predators.

So why haven’t ICAC or MECTF modified there operations to target the platforms where predators could prey on children?

This is what the public needs to demand an answer for.  You can draw your own conclusion.  The only possible answer we have been able to surmise is money.  The system is set up in a way that the agencies get funded based on numbers, so the more people they trap the more funding they get.

Is it quantity over quality? What we know for sure is that the most popular online platforms used by children and teens are not the focus of these agencies.  Based on our experiences, there is no regard for the collateral damage they create and children are not safer for it.

You Can't Change
what you don't know

5-15 years in prison & Lifetime Registry

Although each state is different, the common thread for most of the States is that the sentences for these Proactive Sex Stings are 5-15 Years in Prison and Lifetime Sex Offender Registry.  This is  including those who have ZERO prior criminal history.  In fact, Washington State individuals prosecuted in these internet stings (with no victims) often get harsher sentences than those who actually sexually assault a child.

These sentences are so harsh that lives and futures are completely shattered.  There aren’t many employers for Registered Sex Offenders paroled from prison.


We are not insinuating that those who get trapped in these crimes are innocent, they are guilty.

  • Guilty of being naive.
  • Guilty of a lapse in judgment.
  • Guilty of letting their curiosity get the best of them.
  • Some would also say guilty of being stupid.

We believe that the sentencing needs to be reformed to match the crime.  It is common sense that someone who actually harms a child should not get a lighter sentence than someone who gets Catfished on a Dating Website by a Police Officer.