Questions Answered


We get a lot of the same questions over and over again. Below are some of the most common questions that are asked as a result of these stings and our answers.

There are typically two scenarios for these sting Operations. 1) Post as an adult then changes the age from >18 to 12-15 year old (typically 13 or 14). 2) Post as a parent pimping out their child. Since most, if not all, are on an ADULT DATING or HOOKUP site they are their to meet and adult for sex. There is disbelief when someone changes their story. So, the person continues the conversation to see what the deal is. On most Dating and Hookup sites people are lying and the only true way to find out is to meet in person.

Additionally the target is often given no reason or suspicion to believe the person they are talking to is the age they claimed to be (via picture or language/conversation tone). Generally, if someone says their age, regardless of the age, there tends to be an assumption that person is lying. [Most on a dating/hookup app will tend to default towards a lying rather than truth bias.]

Here are some other reasons someone may continue the discussion:
  • They’ve been using adult sites for a long time, and they’ve never come across a minor who is seeking casual sex from adults and telling those adults that they are minors.
  • They are very are confused. 
  • They are curious. Is this real? Why is there a 13-year-old seeking casual sex with random adult strangers? Why are they telling us they are 13 if they are on an adult site?  
  • They don’t believe they are speaking to a minor or a minor is involved. 
  • Some have concerns about what this minor is doing. 
  • Some look right over it because talking to someone online is different from dealing with someone in person, especially for individuals who lack in social skills, may be on the autism spectrum or have something similar to that. 
  • They’ve finally come across someone who engages them in conversation and shows interest in them. The majority on there are bots and scammers.
  • Many are young men who are seeking sexual experience. Even though they are adults, their brains are not fully developed yet and not functioning like adult brains.
  • Police use clever tactics (that most people don’t understand) to keep their targets engaged.
  • In some cases, it’s clear they are talking to an adult. Police simply add later that there is a minor they want their target to have sex with. (*Not selling the minor for sex)

Disbelief the person is really a minor or there is a minor on the other end of the conversation. Could be a form of Role Play as well. Often times in the conversations a person will not explicitly say or agree to have sex with a minor unless prodded to keep the conversation going. The general consensus here is to show up at the location to determine and see what is really going on.

Other potential reasons:

  • Some were tricked into agreeing to it.
  • Some were bullied into agreeing to it.
  • Some knew it wasn’t a real minor. 
  • Most were curious and wanted to meet who they were talking to.
  • Some were concerned about a minor who was seeking and offering casual sex to random adult strangers on an adult site.
  • Police used tactics to keep them engaged until they agreed to what police wanted them to agree to. 
  • Psychological manipulation can easily be used to trick people, especially during a very vulnerable time.

It is best not to trust those you meet on the internet without seeing and talking in person. Assume everyone is lying. The internet does not provide any verbal or body language cues on what is going on. Some will show up simple because they do not believe the age being stated (Role Play, lying, etc.).

Police use clever tactics (psychological manipulation) and don’t give up until they get the target to agree to meet. Police will only agree to meet if the target says they agree to have sex with a minor. Targets give up and give in.

Oh yes they can. Without lying and some deception they can not make a case. The police use psychological manipulation to draw targets into their scheme. They get the target to warm up to them, do a bait and switch on the ages and help coax them into a very questionable and dubious situation (sex with a minor or child). They will come out and ask if the target is a cop and say they are not cops. Once the targets guard is let down the conversation will continue until there is enough evidence to incriminate the target. Once the target gives in and states they will have sex with a child/minor the trap house/location address is offered up. Often they will have the target stop at a gas station or similar where surveillance is watching prior to the address being provided. The police will try to stack charges by getting the target to talk to a minor, bring some money/drugs/gifts/alcohol and perhaps even bring multiple minors into the conversation. We’ve seen people in Washington State arrested with 4-5 charges and receive 20 year sentences as a result of these stings.

One Mother's Responses to Actual Questions:

Here is something we put together about what we’ve learned from reading the comments on the YouTube videos of the Dr. Phil show filmed in 2020. These responses are specifically one of the son’s cases but apply to so many more of these cases too. Reading people’s comments has helped us better in understanding people’s thinking on this subject matter. If you have any questions on this topic let us know and we will provide our answer based on ours and others experiences.

We know law enforcement is trying to help but our experience is these stings shows how pathetic the work law enforcement is doing and how shameless they are to be calling this work saving and protecting children from online predators.

It’s not normal for anybody to come across a 13 or 14 year old on an adult sex website and especially one who is pushing and even demanding sex from random adult male strangers on that website. This is something nobody had ever seen or even heard of before. A 13- 14 year old girl on an adult sex website who is even claiming to be a virgin is looking random male strangers to demand a sexual meet up with them? Why wouldn’t anybody be extremely confused about that? Why wouldn’t anybody want to continue talking to this person to find out more about this extremely rare situation? Why wouldn’t somebody give into this individual’s demands and play along with them if that is the ONLY option they are given to get to find out more about this extremely rare situation? It’s not normal to think it’s just a normal situation for a 13 – 14 year old girl to be using an adult sex website, acting desperate for sex, and demanding this from random strangers. What kind of grown man even comes up with pretending to be this and then goes around forcing that on other men, then hiding behind, “We’re trying to save and protect children from online predators.”? That mentality is just so sick and twisted. It’s disturbing to see so many people supporting and enabling this very sick, twisted behavior from these fake heroes who have done this or are still doing this.

Well, since he doesn’t date, hit on girls or anything like that, I just didn’t think about it. Why would I think of something he’s clearly not doing? It never occurred to me that it could be a real possibility that he might someday come across a desperate teen on an adult hookup/sex website who would be looking for adult men to have sex with (just because she was BORED and was curious about sex) and would be pushing (even demanding) this from him.  Silly me for not thinking of that! I just never knew before this, that there were some really sick, twisted people out there that could come up with something as sick and twisted as to pretend to be 13 year old virgin girl seeking men on an adult sex website to demand sex from those random strangers. I had no idea that there men like Carlos Rodriguez and Cody Allen working in law enforcement doing this and very easily getting away with it. I had no idea there were prosecutors like Lacey Holloman supporting and enabling this very sick, twisted behavior from men in law enforcement like this. I do know this now, and my job now is to expose these sick, twisted people (who are working in our system) for who they really are. It’s also my job to expose the system who has continued to support, enable, and even defend the very sick, twisted behavior of these individuals. 

Silly him for not thinking of that! That would have solved the problem! Craigslist would have removed the 3 ads she had posted as a woman seeking men, showing her desperation to find somebody. Someone that desperate to find somebody would have never thought of just going somewhere else to find adult men to demand sex from them. Gee, I have no idea why he would have thought this girl would have just moved on to find other men to request sex from them, even though that is exactly what the behavior of this individual was showing. Again, he knows now that our society expected for him to let her go find other men to demand sex from them, and he also knows for a fact that when a real case of a real minor who was targeted and exploited by a real predator online was reported to police, police said there was nothing they could do about it. So, he and the rest of us know very well that this excuse for the sick, twisted behavior of the police officers who did this is total BS. 

“Hello, police? There’s a 14-year-old girl on Craigslist, Casual Encounters, No Strings Attached looking for a man to have sex with because she’s bored and curious about sex.”

Police: Oh, yeah, this is very believable because this happens all the time! What do you mean you had never seen or heard of this before? Of course, it’s a real 14-year-old looking for random men to have sex with. We’ll be right over to go rescue her from herself and get her to stop demanding sex from men on Craigslist.

FACT: Real cases of real minors being exploited by real predators online have been reported to police, and police have said there was nothing they could do about it. 

Why do you think they create these fake cases? They have to make it look like they are addressing the problem to keep the money (funding) coming.

He was clearly thinking about sex with a consenting adult because it’s a fact that he was on adult sex website that was used by adults for that purpose. It’s also a fact that police did not rescue any children from this adult sex website during this sting operation, even though they (TX DPS) claimed in the media that these were men who were trying to buy children for sex and that they would do it over and over again. There is absolutely no evidence or nothing at all that can be found to support this claim. 

FACT: There is zero evidence that there were ever any children being sold for sex on Craigslist Casual Encounters, No Strings Attached. In fact, academic research shows that selling sex on that website was a minimal, and there was no mention at all about minors ever being sold on this website, indicating that no information about that was found. These were simply sex workers selling sex to make money. It wasn’t even sex trafficking, as law enforcement has also shamelessly lied a lot about. 

It is also a fact that in these sting operations, the idea of sex with a minor is coming from the police officers, not from the men who are targeted on adult hookup/sex websites to create these cases against. The evidence is very clear on that but has continued to go ignored or continues to get dismissed as something that is just not important. The behavior of the police officers who did this is very sick and twisted because they are pretending to be virgin kids who are so desperate for sex that they are seeking random adult male strangers on adult hookup and sex websites to demand sex from those random strangers. This is certainly not a normal or healthy mentality about kids. It’s very sick and twisted behavior to create this then go around forcing this on other men and especially on young men as young as 20 and 22. There is absolutely no excuse for this despicable behavior from these fake heroes, and there is no excuse for supporting, enabling, and/or defending this behavior from these very sick and twisted individuals simply because they have a badge. 

Nobody expects to come across a minor on an adult hookup or sex platform, especially not one who is claiming to be a minor, and many times even claims to be a virgin, then aggressively pushes sex on random adult male strangers who are also using that adult hookup/sex platform. There is nothing about that, that makes sense. It also makes no sense at all to say that these individuals are lying when they claim to have been tricked, as if it were a normal thing for 13 year old virgin girls to be using adult sex websites to find random adult male strangers to demand sex from them. I don’t understand how anybody can defend that and say that somebody should not be confused, curious, or concerned when presented with this situation. It’s very clear that the ones who have lied about this are the ones who have conducted these fake child predator sting operations to create these fake cases and the prosecutors who have helped them further carry out the very sick, twisted game of pretend that these sick, twisted, fake heroes have created. 

It is absolutely wrong to assume that these individuals arrested in a sting operation would have “raped” a child if police had not intervened.

  • Police created the entire situation. This is the definition of Entrapment.
  • What anybody says and does in a virtual world (online) is not always the same as what they would do in reality (in person).
    • FACT: Many people play violent video games and do horrific things in that virtual world that they would never do in reality.
  • FACT: There are no real minors seeking casual sex from adult strangers on adult content platforms and telling those adults their real age, or adults volunteering casual sex with minors. This is something that would be extremely rare.

Police justify what they are doing by saying that they do this because there are minors being trafficked on adult content platforms. However, there are no minors being sold for sex in these cases. The reality of these cases are completely different situations. Do not be fooled by reading the press releases and media reporting of these sting/trafficking operations. Dig deeper if you want to learn the truth.

If anything what police and prosecutors have been doing with these sting operations fits the definition of human trafficking perfectly. They are the real human traffickers. Kay Buck, an expert on this, provided a simple definition of human trafficking, “One human being exploiting another to make a profit.” When looking at the FULL facts of these cases, this is exactly what police and prosecutors are doing. They are targeting vulnerable men in vulnerable places to use for this scam. And then they turn around and LIE to everybody about it. None of what they did has anything to do with trying to save and/or protect children from online predators. It is all done for the sole purpose of MAKING A PROFIT. They falsely claim to be trying to save and protect children from online predators because this is their cover up for this scam. This form of human trafficking that is not yet acknowledged for what it is, not only exploits the direct victims, it also exploits the public’s ignorance and true fears of child predators. This type of human trafficking has so many more victims than the traditional types of human trafficking.