Net Nanny stings are new joint police operations between the Washington State Patrol and county Prosecutors. Agents, posing as adults, on 18+ dating sites, engage in conversations with targets that turn into conversations about fake minors, and these written exchanges are used to convict defendants for sentences of 10 years to life.  Lifetime sex registry, lifetime community custody.  

Since 2015, 312-313 individuals via 20 sting operations in Washington have been arrested by these stings.  

Although law enforcement agencies claim that these stings remove dangerous sex predators and somehow make our communities safer, the reality is far more complicated.  

These stings use questionable tactics to ensnare primarily young people with no histories of convictions and are predicated on the manufacture of a crime without any victims.  

Operation Net Nanny Factsheet

The Ruse

Operation Net Nanny is a “proactive” sex sting operation which utilizes legal adult 18+ dating sites to entrap men.  

The operation is not trying to infiltrate any kind of ongoing criminal activity.  

The sting catfishes random individuals who are looking for dates or hookups on adult websites.

Law enforcement pretend scenarios and ruses after aggressively pursuing anyone unfortunate to click on their purposefully vague and misleading ads.  

Law enforcement use elaborate schemes and scenarios which can go on for weeks and involve over 70 law enforcement personnel.  

Communities, and apartments with children playing outside, convenience stores and gas stations are used in these highly manufactured  elaborate scams.  

Law Enforcement controls the Conversation

Net Nanny stings are engineered to provide prosecutors airtight cases, with the ‘witnesses’ all being law enforcement.   Most defendants accept plea deals of have trials resulting in conviction. Because Washington views attempted crimes to be the same as completed crimes, the prosecutors and the police produce all the witnesses and all the evidence.  

Such as the private funding with an understanding money for publicity, quid pro quo, “we would be more in a position to give money if we could be assured of doing joint press conferences, donations are the lifeblood of non-profits.”  

Read our Operation Net Nanny Factsheet!

Setting the Record Straight – MECTF’s primary mission

7-July-2021 – Two Arrested in Pierce County Operation

The WSP, MECTF division arrested two individuals in this investigation. There was one item stated in the PRESS RELEASE that bothered us: MECTF’s primary mission is to proactively target those persons involved in child abuse and child exploitation via the internet.

The truth is, that is NOT their primary mission. This is properly explained in the Washington State RCW’s. Specifically:

RCW 13.60.100 –  Therefore, it is the intent of the legislature that a multiagency task force be established within the Washington state patrol, to be available to assist local jurisdictions in missing child cases through referrals, on-site assistance, case management, and training. The legislature intends that the task force will increase the effectiveness of a specific case investigation by drawing from the combined resources, knowledge, and technical expertise of the members of the task force.

Furthermore, the activity of the task as far as their duties or mission is per RCW 13.60.110. A portion of this RCW is noted below:

(2) The task force is authorized to assist law enforcement agencies, upon request, in cases involving missing or exploited children by:
(a) Direct assistance and case management. (b) Technical assistance. (c) Personnel training. (d) Referral for assistance from local, state, national, and international agencies; and (e) Coordination and information sharing among local, state, interstate, and federal law enforcement, and social service agencies.

NOWHERE was it the intent of legislature to establish an agency to conduct or perform proactive sting operations as stated in their own press release.


The MISSION STATEMENT included in each Safety Plan FOR EACH OF THE ‘NET NANNY’ STINGS” is:

MECTF is placing CL ads, answering CL ads, and chatting with individuals that want to perpetrate commercial and non-commercial sex crimes against children. The Online UC operation will focus on suspects that have history with sexually abusing children, have stated they sexually exploit children, and recovering children that are being sexually exploited.